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This 16th century French castle is the temporary home to 100 makers trying to save the planet

“We need to move from protest to prototype,” said Daniel Kruse of Open State. “We were looking at all these climate summits, and people just talk and talk. So we thought we would try a different strategy by working with makers, with people who do stuff instead of just talking about stuff.”

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This is a community of entrepreneur—out to change world history. The goal of the Proof of Concept 21 innovation camp, or POC21, is to “prototype the fossil free, zero waste society.” The organizers have selected 12 teams who will live at the Château de Millemont and work together to develop their projects, which range from low-cost wind turbines to a shower that recycles its own water.

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Apple Will Emerge as a Positive Force in Sustainability, Renewable Energy, and Responsible Suppy Chain Leadership–Its Happening, and Its Important.

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“Brandchannel – always branding. always on. (Apple makes improvements in #supplychain #sustainability via @brandchannelhub)”

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Apple’s Lisa Jackson is overseeing Apple’s commitment to 100% renewable energy; Apple has made systemic strides in its supplier responsibility goals; and Apple moving into health advances, educational advances, nutritional excellence advances like never before. Steve Jobs’ goal of putting a ding into the universe is expanding rapidly beyond insanely great products. One of the tools used to advance supply chain visions and responsibility goals was the Appreciative inquiry Design Summit. It involves bringing the whole system into the room as collaborative partners, sometimes as many as 100- 500 people, including customers, and workers and managers from every level and every country involved.

For more on the positive change approach of the Appreciative Inquiry Summit, see the following link and blog post and the pdf at the end on “The Positive Arc of Systemic Strengths. Click here:


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“The Best Plan is the Plan You Do”— Regional Economic Development is All about Uniting Strengths

US Congressman Paul Tonko and David Cooperrider during the Appreciative Inquiry Summit in Tech Valley

US Congressman Paul Tonko and David Cooperrider during the Appreciative Inquiry Summit in Tech Valley

Tech Valley, New York: One of my great clients is National Grid and the Tech Valley or Capital Region of NY–it’s one of the fastest growing economic development regions in the country. Why did they select the “Appreciative Inquiry Design Summit” to magnify the momentum? It’s because the best in human systems comes out when (1) we go beyond systems thinking and actually do systems thinking with the whole “living system” in the room; (2) when we go beyond the negative, deficit discourse of our society and engage the AI positive change tools for elevating and magnifying strengths, solutions, and scale, and (3) when we go beyond dialogue to design-inspired action–“the best plan is the plan you do.”  Click here for YouTube summary of the event . Here Cheri Warren, the Innovation Officer at National Grid, and Mike Tucker, CEO of the Council for Economic Development talk about the power of 100’s of organizations in the same room doing planning and designing together. We are making breakthroughs in the field of management. In this age of collaboration these high profile experiments with macro collaboration are precious.

Here also, in PDF form, is one of my latest articles with my colleague Michelle McQuaid. Click here for download. It’s called “The Positive Arc of Systemic Strengths” and captures five remarkable cases about recent breakthroughs in collaborative planning. In each case results are carefully documented.

The Positive Arc of Systemic Strengths explores the important question: when is it that the best in human systems comes out, especially in collective action opportunities encompassing regions and cities, extended enterprises, industries, and UN world summits?  Read more

The Sustainable Design Factory: Next Generation Large-Group Ai Summit Method

Here is an article I recently wrote with Chris Laszlo published in The Appreciative Inquiry Practitioner, May 2012 at I also just spoke about this at the Ai World Conference in Belgium.  – David Cooperrider

Organizations everywhere are discovering the power and promise of design thinking and increasingly managers and management schools are turning to architects, creative artists, graphic specialists, product designers, open source communities, and performing artists as inspired models for innovation, improvisational leadership and collaborative designing. New volumes such as Managing as Designing (Boland and Collopy, 2004); Artful Making: What Managers Need to Know About How Artists Work (Austin and Devin, 2003); Discovering Design (Buchanan and Margolis, 2000) and The Design of Business (Martin, 2009) are portraying the essence of management not so much as a science of rational decisions within a known and stable world but, instead, as the art of generating artifacts and designs of a better future, rapid prototypes, feedback loops, and agile interactive pathways embedded within an increasingly uncertain and dynamic world.

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Pete Crowley is one of the best in the world doing AI Summits with manufacturing and shop floors.

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Over the past 10 years I have helped design and facilitate over 50 large-group Appreciative Inquiry summits, often working directly with Dr. David Cooperrider. The most recent was a four-day format attended by 450 stakeholders, but I have also experienced surprising success (don’t tell Dave) utilizing one-day day formats with as few as 20 participants. Without exception, each event concluded with an outpouring of emotional connection, individual commitment and collective resolve, leaving the once skeptical management team with a feeling of excitement, possibility and yes….relief!