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Fairmount Minerals Secret to Success: Combine High Engagment with Sustainable Design and High Integrity Leadership

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Fairmount Minerals sand products deliver exceptional performance for the oil & gas, water filtration, foundry, glass, sports, recreation and building industries.

David Cooperrider‘s insight:

Fairmount Minerals, a couple of years ago, was singled out by the US Chamber as the #1 corporate citizen in America. Today embedded sustainability and positive organization development are the twin commitments that continue to propel their growth, empowerment goals, and community engagement strategies. The CFO headed up the launching of the sustainable development strategic change process with a “whole-system-in-the room summit–and it was an example that is now being modeled and benchmarked around the world. It involved a shift from micro-management skills to macro-management skills and tools. One of those tools is the appreciative inquiry sustainable design summit–or “AI Summit” for short.

Here is a short description from an article published in Organizational Dynamics titled: “The Concentration Effect of Strengths”–see:

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The Positive Psychology of Sustainability

David CooperriderThis posting is the start of new article I just drafted with Michelle McQuaid for a volume called “The Positive Psychology of Sustainability”. When companies embark on designing sustainable value initiatives there is often an eruption of good will, energy and motivation, and heightened innovation.
And all of this “good stuff” can be accelerated. How? It’s about leading via strengths.

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The Concentration Effect of Strengths

by David L. Cooperrrider, Weatherhead School of Management,
Case Western Reserve University
Article prepared for the Organizational Dynamics 2012
Executive Summary

The emergence of strengths-based management may be the management innovation of our time. Nearly every organization has been introduced to its precepts—for example, the insight that a person or organization will excel only by amplifying strengths, never by simply fixing weaknesses. But in spite of impressive returns, organizations and managers have almost all stopped short of the breakthroughs that are possible.

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Innovation-Inspired Change

Positive Organization Development: Innovation-Inspired Change in an Economy and Ecology of Strengths

David L. Cooperrider and Lindsey N. Godwin August 10th, 2010

“Fields change. And the field of organization development (OD) is changing more than most.” (see Cooperrider et al, 2005; Bushe and Marshak, 2009).

Part of OD’s change is being fueled by exciting breakthroughs in our theories of leadership –what has been called “the strengths revolution in management.”  Another major force has been the emergence of Appreciative Inquiry, a paradigm-altering form of action-research that has permeated the fields of organization change and social innovation.

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