Foundational Work on Strengths Based Change

David Cooperrider is the world¹s foremost authority on strengths based, positive change. His cutting edge theories and methodology (Appreciative Inquiry) are revolutionizing the world of organizational change and sustainability. Some people trace the geneses of the strengths revolution to David's 1986 doctoral dissertation "Appreciative Inquiry: Toward a Methodology for Understanding and Enhancing Organizational Innovation". Today David's Appreciative Inquiry methodology is leading the way in hundreds of organizations around the world to create a more prosperous and sustainable future for their people, shareholders, communities and the environment.

David speaks and consults with organizations all over the world on the benefits of strength-based vs. deficit based approaches to solve their most critical strategic objectives. His work is applicable to all size organizations in all markets, be they corporations, non-profits, government, healthcare, community or educational entity. His primary focus is on…
Focus Points for the Strengths Based Approach

In his keynote speeches, David shares the many applications of AI and its numerous implications for organizational productivity, profitability and sustainability. David talks about the power of tapping into individual, team and organizational “core strengths” so that innovation expands from being the domain of a few to engage the creative efforts of many at all levels of the organization. With implications for every aspect of a business, David shows how organizations can turn their most critical business, social and global sustainability issues into opportunities that can open unexpected product and market opportunities and “turn on” a higher sense of purpose, meaning, and motivation in the entire workforce.

Dave is sought after by organizations and conferences to share his breakthrough insights into the benefits of a “strengths based” vs. the more traditional “deficit based” approach to achieve breakthrough sustainable results in key strategic initiatives.

Dave’s style combines theory and practice to engage audiences on the possibilities when they see their organizations not as a “problem to be solved”, but rather as “living systems of infinite strengths.”

David offers a variety of programs to deepen the understanding of strengths based change, AI and the AI Summit. Often he is asked to follow a speech with a breakout session to further interact with people interested in a more in-depth discussion of AI and the strengths movement. The speaking engagement can be extended to a full day agenda to include a workshop on the AI positive change methodology.

Breakouts and workshops are customized for the audience mix and/or conference objectives.

David Speaking

“Desired change will never happen by solving yesterday’s problems, but only by assembling ‘a new combination of strengths’ and then creating fresh designs that establish the new and eclipse the old.”

Dave Cooperrider

Cooperrider & Associates often works with organizations to develop and facilitate a 3-day AI Summit to address a strategic objective of critical importance to the organization’s future.

Typically there are three phases to our work: (1) pre-summit designing with a steering committee, (2) summit design and facilitation, and (3) post-summit consultation.

Cooperrider and Associates provide guidance and steering committee facilitation for the Summit design, create a customized Summit participant workbook (for your final formatting and printing), provide the facilitation and advisory work for the Summit and consult on post Summit strategy. We also provide checklists for the logistics management as well as advisory support for the client’s staff as they work on room logistics (sound system; layout; equipment needs, etc.). The goal of Cooperrider & Associates is to bring the best and the most advanced AI expertise to the Summit to insure objectives are met.

Cooperrider & Associates has worked with clients such as the US Navy, Green Mountain Coffee, Parker Hannifin, United Nations, Fairmount Minerals, United Religions, City of Cleveland, Nutrimental Foods and Wal-Mart.

David Cooperrider

“AI changed the entire culture of our company, from the shop floor to the boardroom. People’s energy and passion are at an all time high. Innovation now occurs at all levels. Trust, collaboration and teamwork improved. Employee retention increased and creative new products were developed. The positive change process works better than any other change methodology we have ever used.”

Fairmount Minerals

Dave consults with organizations on alternative strategies of how to utilize strengths based change methodologies to best achieve their most critical strategic objectives.

Work is typically done with senior leaders on issues such as sustainability, employee engagement, innovation, culture change, productivity, client relationships, team performance and leadership development.

Dave has consulted with organizations such as Boeing, Cleveland Clinic, Sherwin Williams, Dealer Tire, McKinsey, Wal-Mart, U S Navy, American Red Cross, World Vision and Roadway Express.

David Cooperrider

“The best in human organization happens when people collectively experience the wholeness of the system—when strength touches strength—across whole systems of relevant and engages stakeholders, internal and external, and top to bottom. That’s when game changing business results happen.”

Dave Cooperrider

For long term, deep, impactful results, Dave works with organization on a retainer basis. Retainers are typically two years in duration with a commitment of 24 days of Dave’s time during that period.

Dave’s time can be utilized in a number of different ways (i.e. consulting, speaking, training, Summit design and Summit facilitation) all strategically aligned to achieve the organizations critical strategic and sustainability initiatives.

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David Cooperrider

“The question we’re working on now is whether the strengths revolution can lead us to a point where positive institutions can be defined as places that elevate, magnify, and then extend our higher human strengths into the world? In other words, can a corporation be a vehicle for bringing more courage or wisdom into the world? And what we’re seeing is that that’s absolutely the case.”

David Cooperrider

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