Be Curious. Teach Curious.

To some it may seem strange to be advocating curiosity when everyone else is suggesting we all learn coding,

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This law teacher is advocating that we educate for curiosity and not coding. She draws lessons from her relentless four year old: “These days my four year old is like those pitching machines used to help improve batting, but instead of balls, it is a fast pace bombardment of why, how, when, and the worst one of all, but you said. Everything to him is novel and potentially engrossing and amazing.

A curious mind is flexible. It takes risks, but nothing for granted.  If the recent economic downturn has taught us anything, it is has taught us that the future will require a broad set of skills to be successful and the composition of those skills will alter and necessitate updating at a more frequent pace than in the past. Business leaders taught the importance of innovations. I think we should take one step back. Curiosity is the precursor to innovation. The continual desire to know and to learn helps to prevent obsolescence.

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