Mirror Flourishing and the Design of Positive Institutions

Mirror Flourishing: Appreciative Inquiry and the Designing of Positive Institutions – David Cooperrider, PhD.

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It was a real honor for me to keynote day-two of the World Conference in Positive Psychology. With lot of stories from the field I shared my big hope for the world, and shared the power of questions in leadership–how we become what we study and how we live in worlds our questions create. Here is the link to the talk:


I especially loved sharing stories–stories of our work and research with companies such as Apple, Keurig Green Mountain Coffee, Google, Tesla, the UN and nonprofits such as the URI. And I shared about the Ai tools for the discovery and design of positive institutions. Building on my next book with great colleague Lindsey Godwin, I explored the idea positive institutions:

“Positive institutions are organizations and structured patterns in culture or society that serve to elevate and develop our highest human strengths, combine and magnify those strengths, and refract our highest strengths outward in world benefiting ways leading, ultimately, to a world of full-spectrum flourishing.”

But be forewarned. My assignment was to talk for an entire hour! So if you want only the conclusions, simply fast-forward to the the last couple of minutes which focuses on our latest work called Business as an Agent of World Benefit.

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