Making Change Easy

By David L. Cooperrider
We have an unprecedented opportunity in human history to live longer and healthier than ever before. For one thing we have access, from around the world and through each of the seasons, to the richest, diverse array of nutritional foods any era might have been able to provide. And yet today, 35.7% of Americans are now obese, and 68.8% are either overweight or obese. The number one health issue in the United States is obesity and if the current trend continues, by 2048 all adults in the U.S. will be overweight or obese.

The ravages of obesity for children and adults are well known: complex medications for the onset of diabetes; levels of heart disease and cancer never seen in any society; and a myriad of symptoms from asthma and arthritis, to high levels of cholesterol and acid reflux, to escalating rates of depression and difficult to diagnose levels of fatigue. Just walk through any airport and what do you see: a vast majority of people looking overweight, unhappy, tired—all at a time when good health is so possible. And that is in spite of the $40 billion dollar per year dieting industry. Unfortunately most weight loss programs don’t work either: one recent study showed that while almost everyone looses weight right away, 95% of us regain that weight and often are worse off (adding more weight than the original) within three years. Weight loss followed by weight gain is the cycle—it’s the reason people are lured by magic cures and hyped up advertisements—it’s also the reason so many of us give up.

It’s more than the “yo yo” effect…

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